Bisquick: Pancakes Vs. Waffles Campaign

Bisquick came to us with an open ask to promote their pancake batter. Looking to social media for some new ideas, I found an ongoing debate over the best breakfast food, pancake or waffles. Given the fact that you can make both foods with Bisquick mix and that there was an upcoming debate cycle for the 2016 election, Pancakes Vs. Waffles seemed like the perfect idea.

To that end, we shot a long-form debate video spoofing the election cycle and chopped it into multiple :15s and :30s. We also shot multiple campaign attack ads, created apparel, signage, and a website where consumers could cast their votes to decide once and for all on the ultimate breakfast food.

Videos received 22MM impressions and 2.6MM engagements with a 23% engagement rate on the first debate video.

Videos written by Tony Libera. Produced by 3 Volts.